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All About the 21-Day Sugar Detox - Pt. 3

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Hi Friends!

As many of you know, this summer I became a 21-Day Sugar Detox coach. It has been a pleasure supporting groups through this fun and rewarding nutrition challenge. I am gearing up to run another group in January 2018 and I would love for you to be a part of it!

The last two week, we covered some basic info about the program. You can ready more about there here and here. This week, I will be bringing you blog posts giving you MORE information about the program. I want you to be able to make an informed decision about how you choose to tackle your health goals in the new year.

So this week's post covers why you should join a group when doing the sugar detox, if there is a "catch" to the program, and what is induced in my coaching services.


Why Should I Join a Coaching Group? Can't I do a sugar detox on my own?

There are countless reasons to join a group when you do the 21-Days Sugar Detox. Here are just a few:

  1. Accountability to your coach (me!) and other group members will keep you on track and increase your likelihood of success. I will be your biggest cheerleader!

  2. The energy, support, motivation, and community created from a group dynamic are irreplaceable.

  3. I have knowledge of local resources and lots of recipes to share with you. This is especially helpful if you are a “real-food newbie”, are new to cooking at home, or just need more foundational support.

  4. Certified coaches have an in-depth knowledge of the program, products, and resources available. Not everyone can do what we do. I know what to expect and I know how you are feeling because I've done the 21DSD countless times myself.

  5. I can give you individualized attention and help you navigate the detox to meet your specific needs.

  6. 6. Continued support and connection beyond your 21DSD!

And could you do the Sugar Detox on your own?…Technically yes. But from personal experience, I don’t know why you would want to. When I first did the sugar detox, the only support I had was from my mom – we ate 21DSD approved dinners together. Other than that, I had to keep myself focused and motivated despite temptation EVERYWHERE. Friends and family were respectful of my decision but I didn’t have anyone I could ask questions of or check in with after a challenging day.

When I ran my first detox group in September, it was the most fun and the most successful 21DSD I had completed! Having a group of people to encourage and motivate you during this tricky nutrition challenge will increase your success during and after the program.

Also, there is only so much information you can get from the 21DSD guidebook or infographics you find on Pinterest. It my job to support you through this nutrition challenge (my any means possible), share my personal experiences, and make sure you learn how to continue eating healthfully after the program.

What's the catch? Are there expensive products or supplements to buy?

There is no catch. The 21DSD is a whole foods nutrition challenge, not a fad diet. There are no gimmicks, no pills or powders, and no diet foods. Just real people eating real food – loving it! – and establishing new healthy habits around food (which extend beyond the 21DSD). Aside from the cost of my coaching group, the only other thing you will need to purchase is a $30 guidebook/cookbook.

And let me be clear, this is not a MLM (multi-level marketing) or pyramid business scheme. Remember that I became a nutritionist first and 21DSD coach later. I became a coach because I personally experienced remarkable benefit from the program. I truly believe in the philosophy behind the 21-Day Sugar Detox and I believe it will help my business grow. I will not be roping you into purchasing workout subscriptions or expensive “fake-food” shakes. I may make suggestions about specific foods or supplements that would complement your efforts and support your health – I am a nutritionist after all – but these things will be inexpensive and not mandatory.

When you sign up for my coaching group you are supporting me directly, there is no “team” of people above me.

What's Included in the 21-Day Sugar Detox Group with Coach Danielle?

Logistically, here is what’s included:

  • 24/7 access to a holistic nutritionist (me)!

  • Four weekly sessions, hosted via Facebook Live Video

  • Access to a private Facebook group where I (and other group members) will be posting recipes, articles, 21DSD information and other support daily.

  • Weekly e-mails during the 21DSD

  • Participant Workbook (includes session outlines, places to take notes, Daily Success Log, and other 21DSD resources), pdf version

  • 7-Day Meal Plan filled with more than fifteen 21DSD approved recipes, pdf version

  • Small group size (around 20 participants)

But more importantly, the opportunity for life changing transformation is included:

  • Breaking the chains of sugar addiction

  • The "superpower" ability to decline dessert

  • Saying “good-bye” to the 10am, 3pm, and 9pm “I just need a little something…” sweet cravings

  • Learning how to properly compose your plate

  • Learning which foods make your body feel amazing and which ones don’t.

  • Learning how to eat healthfully beyond the 21DSD is over

  • Taking pleasure in non-food rewards

  • Showing yourself radical self-love, daily

  • Banishing bloat and improving your digestion

  • More restful sleep

  • No more brain fog

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Lowered blood pressure and more balanced blood sugar

  • Improved immune function

  • Improved body composition and weight loss

  • Developing a positive relationship with food

That's it for today! I hope you enjoyed this blog post series. Did you learn something new about the 21DSD? Do you think this nutrition challenge would be a good fit for you and your health goals in the new year? If you have any more questions about the program, please let me know!

Have a beautiful week, Lovelies. Talk again soon!