• Danielle Zipp

My Food Philosophy

Hi Friends!

I'll be honest writing this blog post was challenging; I have a hard time summarizing my thoughts about food! I've been in the nutrition space for several years now, so my food beliefs are deeply ingrained to the point where I don't have to think about my food choices - I just make them.

My food philosophy is multifaceted. I wanted to take some time to explore the various dimensions of my food philosophy to give you an inside look as to why I choose to eat the way I do.


Focus on Natural - as close to nature as possible

Current eating Style: Paleo and 21-Day Sugar Detox template. Why paleo? Honestly this could be a topic for a whole other blog post so I won't dig into it too much here. Briefly, the Paleo template suggests eating in a way that is similar to the way our ancestors ate before the industrial Revolution. With Paleo you are encouraged to eat whole, real foods that are minimally processed, free of grains and grain flours (modern industrial foods), dairy, refined sugars, and processed seed oils (another industrial food). Eating this way is naturally anti-inflammatory, health promoting, and makes me feel my best.

Key thing here: let's eat food that is minimally processed and as close to nature as possible - as Mother Nature intended us to. I want to encourage you to eat literally, and figuratively, outside the box.

Focus on Quality

From a holistic perspective, I am more concerned with the quality of food eaten rather than the specific quantities. Portion sizes are still important but I don't believe it's necessary to count every calorie or micronutrient. On the other hand the quality of the food we eat is a top priority to me. In an ideal world everyone would be eating non-GMO foods, grass-fed and free-range meats, we would be at farmers market every weekend getting fresh produce from our local area. Or better yet we be growing the majority of our food ourselves! Remember I said in an “ideal world”.

Key thing here: Don't let perfection get in the way of you changing the way you eat and moving forward in a positive direction. Start where you are and with what your budget affords to you. Removing packaged and processed Foods and adding in fresh colorful vegetables is a great place to start.

Focus on YOU

From experience I know there is no one diet that is right for everyone. There are just as many right ways to eat as there are people in the world- vegetarian or flexitarian, Paleo or ketogenic, GAPS or AIP, alkaline or anti-inflammatory, or those who eat a little bit of everything and don't worry about putting a label on it. What is important is that these diets are all intended to promote health in specific ways for specific people. It is important to remember that you can change your way of eating throughout your life to best support your needs.

Key things here: Eat whatever which way makes you feel amazing! Find an eating Style that gives you lots of energy, makes your skin glow, helps to power you through your workouts, and allows you to sleep well at night. Find an eating style that excites you, is fun, colorful and delicious.

Another key thing: Sometimes, it's not about the food. Again this is a discussion for a completely separate blog post but I wanted to drop this nugget for you.

Sometimes those in the health space who are struggling will get very strict and picky about the foods they are eating in order to find perfect health. Getting more and more strict about food choice is not helpful. Sometimes the key to healing or for reaching our goals has nothing to do with food. Often times, there is an underlying emotional component (or lifestyle component) that needs to be explored.

Focus on the bigger picture - Eat, Nourish, Love

Ever wondered why my business name and Instagram handle is “Eat, Nourish, Love”? Simple, it’s the root of my food philosophy and the bigger picture of health that I want for my body.

Eat foods that nourish your body; love what you are eating; and most importantly, love yourself.​

EAT: Eat foods that bring you joy and make you feel amazing. Eat foods that support your goals and eat in a way that can be sustainable long term. Forget the all or nothing approach to dieting and focus on making a long term lifestyle change.

​NOURISH: Nourish your body with food, movement and love to support underlying imbalances. Food can either be a powerful medicine or the most harmful poison.​

LOVE: Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle. Love what you are eating and love those who you are eating with. Take time each day for self-care - you deserve to be loved, to love yourself, to reach your full potential and health and wellness goals.


I would love to hear your thoughts! What are the underlying components of YOUR food philosophy? Did anything in today's post resonate with you? Please share with me by leaving a comment on my Facebook page, Instagram post or send me an e-mail. I look forward to connecting with you.

Have a beautiful week, Lovelies. Talk again soon!