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If you truly want to clear your skin, you have to start with a nutrient dense diet, kick sugar off your plate, focus on gut healing foods, and address lifestyle factors like sleep and stress management.  


You won’t find clear skin at the bottom of an expensive bottle of skin elixir or a too-good-to-be-true supplement. Safer, high performing skincare is the icing on the cake - or the spicy aioli on the home baked yam fries.


Early on in my pursuit of clear skin, I switched to “natural” facial care and personal care products.  On some level, I was concerned that the drug-store products were making it harder for my body to heal the acne.  These natural products make me feel better about myself, but didn’t help my skin at all - until I found Beautycounter.

Skin Issues suck!  


As a teen, I always had spotty skin.  So for several years I used a topical medication to keep the pimples at bay.  After receiving my nutrition certificate at the end of 2013, I decided to “walk the walk” and quit the medication cold turkey.  My skin flared worse than I had ever experienced - deep purple cysts all over my cheeks, jaw and neck which would linger for weeks - and I spent the next 4 years using myself as a guinea pig for any natural remedy, supplement, or product promising clear skin.  I also spent a lot of time crying.

If you’ve dealt with recurring acne you know first hand the embarrassment and how devastating it can be to your self-confidence, self-worth and social life.

Current State of the Industry

The U.S. hasn’t passed a federal law to regulate ingredients in personal care products since 1938 - almost 80 years!  In Canada, it’s been about 20 years. To put these numbers into perspective, the U.S. only partially bans 30 harmful ingredients, Canada has banned 600 while the E.U. prohibits 1,400 ingredients.  We are embarrassingly behind compared to other countries.


The personal care industry is a $70 billion a year industry and over 80,000 chemical ingredients are registered for use in products.  Of these, 90% have never been tested for human health and safety. Many people don’t realize that the product we use on our skin everyday can be causing harm to our health.  Hormone dysregulation, infertility, and cancer are on the rise due not only to diet and lifestyle choices, but also environmental factors and products that we apply to our skin every day.


Learn more about Beautycounter’s social mission in this short video:

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It’s Not About the Lip Gloss


“Beautycounter is more than a beauty company - it’s a movement”


Beautycounter is a safer skin care company on a mission to disrupt the beauty industry and get safer products into the hands of everyone.  They do this through education; advocating for stricter laws and regulations regarding the ingredients used in personal care products; and providing safer, high performance products.

What sets Beautycounter apart from other "clean beauty" brands is their ingredient selection process and their high standards for safety. Beautycounter has intentionally removed 1500 harmful or questionably harmful ingredients from their product formulations. This goes above and beyond what is legally required in the USA, Canada and Europe.

We are taking action in Washington, D.C. and Ottawa, Ontario by working to reform outdated laws so that everyone can have access to safer products. I am proud to be a part of a company that is leading the change!

Beautycounter recognizes that while not all plants are safe, not all chemicals are harmful.  They use the best of both worlds to create SAFE products that actually PERFORM! My skin has never looked better now that I am using Beautycounter!

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My Favourite Products

Goodnight, dullness. Good morning, glow. Formulated with 15 botanically-derived acids, this leave-on AHA/BHA "no-peel" peel improves skin texture and minimizes the appearance of pores, fine lines, and dark spots without irritation or over-drying.

This product has done wonders for my acne scars and hyper-pigmentation.

Safer skincare OGs will remember the oil cleansing method that was popular on Pinterest back in 2013. This the ultimate upgrate!

This multi-tasking balm is brimming with uses and benefits. It's a nourishing daily cleanser, a melting makeup-removing balm, and a deeply replenishing overnight mask. It also hydrates with nutrient-rich raspberry and cranberry seed oils and promotes a brighter complexion with radiance-boosting vitamin C.

Breakthrough Bio-Mimic Technology harnesses the unique life-giving properties of plants to exactly match the structure of skin, giving it precisely what it needs and nothing it doesn't.  This lightweight lotion helps skin adapt to the ever-changing aggressors of modern life. Not only does it provide up to 24-hours of hydration — it actually adjusts hydration levels throughout the day for a smooth look and feel and radiant glow.

This nutrient-rich kaolin clay mask deep-cleans and balances, absorbing excess oil and drawing out impurities. Activated charcoal minimizes the appearance of pores, giving skin a smooth, refined appearance, while salicylic acid stimulates exfoliation. Perfect for those concerned with congestion and oily skin.

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